My 2021 Reading Challenge: Books about food

One of the prompts I gave myself for my 2021 reading challenge was to read at least three books about food. I threw this one in because A) I love books about food and B) I thought it would be an easy one because I read tons of books about food every year.

Not so much, it turns out. While I did read four books about food in 2020, two of them were from the Best American Food Writing series and one of them was pretty uninspiring. And when I went to look for food books on my TBR, there were only a handful. What gives? I love books about food, right? I thought it was my “thing.”

I took a look at my “maybe someday” book list. The “maybe someday” list is where I keep books that have been removed from my TBR during my periodic purges. There’s a lot on there that I’m never, ever, ever going to read (oh hi Ulysses, it’s never gonna happen). But as I scrolled through it, I noticed a ton of books that I’m still really interested in, including all of the food books.

I’m genuinely not sure why that is. It could be that I’m not as interested in this genre of books as I thought I was. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s one of those interests that I’ve de-prioritized as I’ve tried to diversify my reading. In either case, I’m really glad I chose it as prompt for this challenge; it’s an opportunity to spend some more time with a genre I’ve really enjoyed in the past and see if it’s still my thing.

I’ve gone through that “maybe someday” list and moved a bunch of books back onto my TBR. Here’s some of the top contenders:

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