My 2021 Reading Challenge

Frustrated by overly-prescriptive reading challenges and inspired by the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge, I am setting out to create my own reading challenge this year!

While I am not going to be 100% following the template from Modern Mrs. Darcy, I have given some thought to my intentions for my reading life this year. At first, I thought I wanted to try new things. So many of these reading challenges focus on reading outside your comfort zone. My default is READ ALL THE THINGS, so there’s a lot of appeal in crafting a reading challenge full of prompts that, well, challenge me.

But as much as I want to diversify my reading, I don’t think it’s what I need. 2020 was a rough year for a lot of reasons, but it was particularly tough on my attention span. When it came to reading (and nearly everything else), I couldn’t focus. Making decisions was a challenge, and I tended to flit around haphazardly. So for this challenge, I am going to pick only a handful of prompts, mostly things in my reading wheelhouse with a few areas of interest I’d like to explore, and aim to read at least three titles for each one. Without further ado, a list!

  1. Books about food
  2. Books by neurodivergent author
  3. Genre fiction by BIPOC
  4. Microhistories
  5. Essay anthologies
  6. Retellings
  7. Science nonfiction
  8. Books about books
  9. Books related to my ancestry
  10. Books about lesbian and bisexual women

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