Reading Resolutions for 2017

My overarching goal for 2017 (in books and beyond) is to simplify, so, with that in mind, here are my three reading resolutions for the year.

1. Read 100 books. A repeat of my 2016 resolution. A resolution at which I failed miserably. I am fully aware I might not reach this goal, but having such an ambitious number to work towards helped me read more last year.

2. Complete the 2017 Popsugar Challenge. I really enjoyed the Book Riot Read Harder challenge in 2016, but I was kind of disappointed with the 2017 list. While I appreciate Book Riot’s pro-diversity message, I found the latest list to be aggressively political overly proscriptive. Some of the tasks were so weirdly specific (“Read a collection of poetry in translation on a theme other than love”) that it felt a bit too much like I was being told what to read. All that is to say I started poking around for another challenge and found the Popsugar challenge much more to my liking. Bonus points for being way too ambitious, much like goal number 1 above. 

3. Read more books by people of color. Last year, I set myself the modest goal of having 20% of the books I read be written by people of color. This is the only goal I managed to achieve, so I’m going to bump it up to 25% this year. I know that’s still way lower than it probably should be, but I should have at least one goal I can accomplish.

Happy reading in 2017!

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