2016 by the Numbers

2016 is almost over! *does happy dance*

Time to crunch the numbers:

Books read: 82 – an all time high!
Average rating: 3.6 – this is up more than 0.2 points from last year! Here’s to reading better books and being quick with the DNF trigger.
Average book length: 276 – this is WAY down from my average of 400 pages. I’m suddenly a bit less proud of that all time high.
Oldest bookA Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, originally published 1843
Newest book: Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger, published November 2016

Now here’s somep retty pictures!

By Format

I read 39 print books (28.1%), 22 digital books (25.9%), and 20 audiobooks (44.4%). This is a pretty big departure from last year when a whopping 44% of the books I read were audiobooks. image

By Century Published

I was weirdly shocked by how high the percentage of 21st century books is until I realized that it was as high as 80% last year! I guess being in a classic’s book club helps?


By Author Gender

I am apparently all about the lady authors. Interestingly, this is actually down from last year when 68.5% of the books I read were by women. It’s very easy to “read more women” when you read romance novels and feminist memoirs.



I still do not have a great classification system for my books. I feel compelled to break out the bigger world of speculative fiction world into fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction (for the books that don’t really fit into fantasy or science fiction), yet I group pretty much all nonfiction into one pot. This is probably a result of the fact that I read way more speculative fiction (30.1%) than nonfiction (7.5%). Also, why do I catgorize essays and memoirs separately but lump all of the science and social science and philosophy books together? Who knows. But here’s a colorful graph!


And now for a pretty word cloud…


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