My 2016 Reading Challenges

I set a bunch of reading challenges this year. How’d I do on them? Short version: a big ol’ fail but I’m perfectly happy about it. Longer version:

Goodreads Challenge

I set myself a completely unreasonable goal of 100 books this year, 30 books more than I’ve ever read in a single year before. How’d I do? The year isn’t done yet, but given that the book I am currently reading is over 800 pages long, I think I can call it a done deal. I’ve read 81 books this year. That’s way below my goal, but I’m actually qutie pleased about it. It’s more than I’ve ever read in a year, and I think that having that 100 number in mind is what spurred me on.

Read Harder Challenge

I was doing SOOOOO well on this until the election happened in November and I completely lost my reading mojo. I managed to complete 19 of 24 tasks.

Read more books by people of color

I set myself the modest goal of having at least 20% of the books I read this year be written by people of color. I actualled succeeded on this one! 18 out of 81 books works out to 22.2%. Success!

Read more comics

Another modest goal, read 10 trade volums of comics. I read 9, so I just barely missed this one, another failure I’m going to chalk up to post-election depression.

Read more short stories


Conquer my TBR shelf



Participate in two read-a-thons

Sucess! I participated in Bout of Books in May and the 24-in-48 readathon in July.


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