Elliott Bay Book Company

I found myself in Seattle a few weeks ago en route to my grand Alaska cruise adventure. Now, for the record, I think Seattle is a great city. It’s absolutely beautiful. There is great coffee everywhere. That market really is as amazing as it looks. And don’t forget the completely banana-pants library.

But I was having a miserable time. It was unreasonably hot and humid (seriously Seattle, you had one job in my eyes and it was be gloomy and chilly and not 90+ degrees like it was at home). My feet and back hurt. There were crowds everywhere making me anxious and jumpy. I was a cranky, cranky person and all I wanted was to go back to my hostel to hide in bed. Refusing to give into the crankiness, I thought, “I wonder if Seattle has a perfect place where they bring together all the things I love into one beautiful space designed just for me?” Ok, what I really thought is “where can I find air conditioning?” but what I found was my new favorite place in Seattle. Elliott Bay Book Company.

What’s so great about Elliott Bay Book Company? Let’s look at some pictures.


Beyond the fact that it was well air-conditioned (which is obviously the true path to my heart), it’s gorgeous. Those high ceilings and exposed beams! That skylight! Those beautiful wood floors! THOSE BOOKS! Seriously, so many books


Another reason this is my happy place: Little Oddfellows, the cafe in the back of the bookstore. I got myself a tasty beverage (a delicious rosemary lemonade), pulled out my book, and set up camp for a solid 45 minutes or so. It was perfect.


Little Oddfellows also featured some fine Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë art. Book art is the best art.


Speaking of book art… Anne of Green Gables word art!!! Unfortunately this didn’t fit in my suitcase; otherwise it would be on my walls right now.

Suffice it to say, it felt like this store really got me. What makes Lisa happy? All the books. A comfy place to read. Tasty things. Bookish art. And air conditioning. Don’t forget the air conditioning.


Thank you Elliott Bay Book Company!



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