2016 Reading Resolutions

  1. Read 100 books. Given that my all time high is 70 books read in a calendar year,  it’s probably pretty obvious that I was tipsy when I set this goal. Never drink and go on Goodreads people.
  2. Do the Book Riot Read Harder challenge. I feel pretty confident about this one. The only tricky bit will be tying my nephew down long enough to read a book out loud to him.
  3. Read more books written by people of color. In 2015, I read a single book by a person of color, and that is just pathetic and unacceptable. I have no excuse–it was pure laziness on my part. Because metrics matter, let’s say 20% of the titles I read should be by people of color.
  4. Read more comics. I enjoyed the hell out of Saga last year and I am constantly adding comics to my TBR, but I never read them. Plus, this will help with resolution #1. Let’s say 10 trade volumes.
  5. Read more short stories. I have this inexplicable mental block when it comes to short stories. I just never, ever want to read them. Let’s go with 10 short story collections.


  1. Here’s some suggestions for African American writers: Jamaica Kincaid (also has a great collection of short stories), Toni Morrison, Nella Larsen, an Danzy Senna. I would like to list some titles for you also but I’m posting this on my phone at work!

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