This Year in Books: By the Numbers

If you use Goodreads, you’ve surely seen the snazzy little personalized year in books feature. While it’s great to know that the longest book I read was Infinite Jest at 1,088 pages and that I read 21,697 pages this year, this obsessive book nerd is gonna need some more statistics before we call it a day on 2016.

Books read: 54 (2 more than my goal of 52)

Books by format: 24 audiobooks (44.4%); 16 print books (29.6%); 14 e-books (25.9%)

Authors read: 37 (I read a lot of series this year. Obviously)

Books by Women: 37 or 68.5%; by Men:  17 or 41.5%

Books by people of color: 1 or 1.2 % (Dear Self: This is shameful and entirely unacceptable. Step it up in 2016!)

Average Rating: 3.33 out of 5

5 Star Books: 6 (11.1%)

4 Star Books: 17 (31.5%)

3 Star Books: 20 (37.0%)

2 Star Books: 11 (20.4%)

Average book length: 400

Oldest Book: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Newest Book: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

By Century: 19th: 4 (7%); 20th: 6 (11%); 21st: 44 (80%)

Genre: So, confession time–I don’t actually tag my books by genre. Not every book falls into one genre! And do I consider young adult a genre or an audience? And how should I handle graphic novels and comics? And I went to library school and still find this whole thing super complicated. So I did some really quick and dirty tagging and created a word cloud!

word cloud

Happy New Year!

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