Tiny Book Review: Love Irresistibly by Julie James 


Time for more banter and sexytimes in Chicago!

This time, we’re hanging out with US Attorney Cade Morgan. Cade needs Brooke Parker, general counsel of a fancy restaurant company, to help with an investigation into a corrupt politician. Or something like that. This bit of plot is dispensed with pretty tidily early on.

James is much more interested in Brooke, Cade, their relationship, and the cast of characters she’s created. This is a bit of a departure from the earlier books where the FBI/US attorney subplot was the primary mechanism for throwing and keeping the characters together and/or apart. For me, this is a welcome change. It’s nice to see a romance pay attention to grown-up issues that real couples grapple with (work/life balance, commitment issues stemming from childhood experiences, etc). It’s also nice to have these somewhat serious issues balanced out by some genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

With this book, I’ve read my way through the entire FBI/US Attorneys series, and I have really enjoyed myself. James creates smart, funny, and perhaps most importantly, grown-up characters. She also weaves together a great combination of plot, character development, comedy, and some really sexy sex to create some of my favorite contemporary romances I’ve read in quite sometime. If she keeps on like this, she might start to help fill the Jennifer Crusie sized whole in my heart.

4/5 stars. I’m still stingy.

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