Tiny Book Review: A Lot like Love by Julie James


Been steamrolling my way through the FBI/US Attorney series by Julie James this month, and they sure are fun. A Lot like Love is this second book in the series. Jordan Rhodes, billionaire heiress and owner of one of Chicago’s top wine stores, is approached by predictably smoldering Special Agent Nick McCall. McCall has an offer Jordan cannot refuse – in exchange for helping the FBI in its investigation of a restaurant owner, her brother Kyle Rhodes will be granted an early releases from prison.

Banter ensues. Then comes the sexy times and falling in love. Commitment issues and a crazy guy with a gun pop up to keep things interesting. Everyone comes to their senses like adults (except the guy with the gun), and we get our happily ever after.

I liked this book quite a bit. I’m reading out of order, so I’d already met Jordan and Nick in About that Night, which tells Kyle’s falling in lerve story. Jordan’s relationship with Kyle was a highlight in that book, so it was great to spend more time with her. The details about her shop, the wine world, and their trip to Napa Valley were fun and not glaringly unrealistic, which is a plus. James does a good job of balancing the FBI plot with the romance, probably better than any book in the series. The only complaint I can offer is with the narration of the audiobook. Reader Karen White has done a good job with the three books I’ve listened to, but the Brooklyn accent she’s using for Nick here was a little too broad and ended up distracting.

All in all though, lots of fun. Highly recommended for romance fans.

4/5 stars (cuz I’m stingy)

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